THE BRUSHWORK OBLAST - Billy Currie 2020

1. Sound as it Looks

2. On the Colour Wheel

3. Slight and Forgotten

4. Overshadowed

5. Forward

6. Piano Stories of Berry Brow

7. Smothered

8. Sketch the Fields and People

9. Give Over

10. Shine


Produced by

Billy Currie & Peter Dudley

Recorded at Cloudy Hands Studio London


Mastered by Peter Dudley at Music Box 3 Studio Docklands London


Artwork by Mick O'Farrell



The powerful instrumental work The Brushwork Oblast is the Burning Shed label debut from the legendary Billy Currie (Ultravox).


A collection of fascinating predominantly piano-based pieces with evocative synth, electronic pulse and violin additions, the album was produced by Billy and Peter Dudley at Cloudy Hands Studio, London in 2020.


Billy Says:


"It started with a nostalgic memory of Netherton in West Yorkshire where I grew up:

The sound of rivers from different positions like walking across a single file wooden bridge. Then the difference of the sound when coming back to the river later when it was dark. The sound of church bells ringing in the bottom of a deep valley. Bouncing off the steep hills. The sight of the amazing skies. The track became The Piano Stories Of Berry Brow.


I then started listening to some forgotten Russian composers like Mosolov & Protopopov. What incredibly tough lives they had. This was round about 1917 when the Russian Revolution was happening. Their experimental music could become a target at that time.


Tracks like Slight And Forgotten are the result of my experience.


The Revolution : Russian Art 1917-1932 Centenary exhibition at the Royal Academy made a big impact on me.


I have always wanted to do a piano album but kept putting it off because I thought that I did not have enough discipline to stay on track. Or on the piano!"